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Winning awards for excellence are always good news for hotels, the publicity generated can really boost the occupancy level of the recipient, and with the holidays market still slow it's a good time to win.

So it was welcome news for the Corinthia Palace Hotel when they won the title of 'Malta's Leading Hotel' at the recent World Travel Awards.
The Corinthia Palace is one of best known Malta hotels, opened in 1968 it is ideal for those wanting a spa holiday, located just five miles from the airport it is also well located to explore the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Launched in 1993, the World Travel Awards where the Corinthia won the award was held in Portugal, and was described by the Wall Street Journal as the 'Oscars of the travel industry.'

After receiving the award the Corinthia's general manager commented:

'This World Travel Award is a fantastic addition to the many accolades that the hotel has received over the years,' and continued in true Oscar style tradition, 'Set in extensive landscaped gardens, the beautiful property, with its air of seasoned luxury and turn of the century columned villa, speaks for itself in terms of opulence. However, this award is dedicated not to the monument, but to its soul, the dedicated people who have been running it over the years, setting new standards of excellence along the way.'

The hotel will benefit in bookings as frequent Malta visitors who don't currently use the Corinthia might well decide to give it a try after reading of the award, while new visitors will be encouraged to opt for the award winning hotel against other Malta hotels

Staff morale will be boosted too knowing that they are part of a team that has been voted as one of the best Malta hotels - and recruitment of new staff will be easier as those looking to work in the hospitality industry want to start work at the best that is available.

Further good news for the hotel comes with an award for increasing environmental awareness among both staff and guests.

So if you're looking for the best accommodation Malta can offer but also want to be environment friendly, this could be just the hotel for you on your next trip to Malta.