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When you are considering your next vacation, you may want to consider something new and exciting. How many times can you go camping, spend hours tanning at the beach, or spend an entire day fishing on the lake before you ask yourself if there is not something else you can do to spruce up your trip?
If you are indeed wondering, you may want to consider changing your pace, and treat yourself and your partner to a Japanese style mountain retreat at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Without a doubt, you will enjoy experiencing authentic Japanese living, brought to you at an accommodation level equal to that of a five star hotel.

It may be strange for you to think about booking luxury accommodation, but ask yourself: don't you deserve it? You work hard all year long, watch your spending, and always put the wellbeing of others ahead of your needs. Now it is time to think about your own pleasure, all while learning about Japanese traditions and unique lifestyle. It is the perfect alternative to taking an actual trip to Japan.

The benefits of staying in a first-class, Japanese style retreat include many new experiences. From sleek, minimalistic abodes awash with natural light streaming in through shoji screens, to the treasured art of traditional tea ceremonies, everything offered at such a retreat is geared to accommodate your relaxation needs and your desire to become intimately acquainted with one of the most impressive cultures of the world. Japanese traditions have evolved continuously over several millennia, influencing artists, physicians, scientists, politicians, and many other professionals. Why would you too not benefit from all that beauty, insight and wisdom?

Returning to simplicity can wave a lot of anxiety. While enjoying your luxury accommodations at the retreat, do not forget to pamper yourself in the privacy of your own ofuro hot tub, which is situated overlooking your own personal niwa garden. Just picture the sensual pleasure you will feel while soaking your tired body until your well-being and inner harmony are restored. Then, after your rejuvenation, enjoy traditional delicacies, appetizers, or a six course Japanese banquet in the privacy of your room. Even if you are a vegetarian, or have other dietary requests, your wishes will be catered to. End the evening with a spectacular view of the moon rising over the stunning lake.

Prominent Japanese spa retreats are meant to be leisurely and luxurious so the guest can fully relax and unwind. Generally, spa services include a wide range of massages, facial therapy, and signature rituals. The products used during these sessions should consist of pure, natural ingredients. Spa treatments should also include ‘organic green tea scrubs,' ‘a Hinoki mint mineral bath soak,' and ‘Japanese bathing rituals.'
Bonding with ancient Japanese relaxation techniques is like nothing you have ever experienced. Add the luxury accommodations, the mesmerizing low mountain range views, the seclusion of the natural forest, and the idyllic hilltop hideaways, and you will soon realize that this was the best vacation decision you have ever made. Nothing else will ever be this effective to help you escape the bustle of city life, or spark romance.