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Dominican Republic Vacations and Wonderful Accommodations

Planning for your Dominican Republic vacations should involve a good amount of time deciding on the perfect lodging place for you and your family. The Atlantis Hotel, located on the gorgeous Playa Bonita, is just one of the many fantastic hotels and accommodations that is the Dominican Republic's pride. The Atlantis Hotel has also been nicknamed Hotel de Charme, and it will do more than charm you with its eighteen lavish rooms which, reliant on the size, can house up to five guests.
This hotel provides tourists with a wonderful accommodation with a peaceful atmosphere that is softly mixed with the rhythmic waves and the melodious chirping of birds. This fascinating ambiance is made more ideal as you have the chance to sit or lie down under the great palm trees and watch the beauty of the azure waters and fine, white sands of the beach. All these shall whet your appetite, and soon, you will find yourself grabbing lunch on a beach porch or a covered terrace for dinner, with only the most natural sumptuous delicacies within your reach. Atlantis Hotel definitely provides you with wonderful accommodations during your Dominican Republic vacations.

Experience Extravagance at Dominican Republic Vacations

When fortune comes your way, never have doubts of embracing it. This is a reality about Dominican Republic vacations, and if you are getting the option to reside at one of the lavish hotels of the place, then go for it. It would be nice to experience luxury in the Sivory Punta Cana, which is a five-star luxury hotel and is the first hotel in the area that became a member of the famous group of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. From this hotel you would imbibe amazing Polynesian and Caribbean influences coupled with style and modernity. Feel free to select from the 55 sizeable rooms of the hotel which give you a spectacular beach view and at the same time overlook the private beach club. The hotel is proud to showcase amazing facilities and services which can be seen in all the restaurants, suites, food and beverage stores, and meeting halls which have been particularly imported from countries like Spain and Indonesia. Enjoy extravagance at its best during your stay at the grand Sivory Punta Cana and make the best out of your Dominican Republic vacations.

Itineraries on your Dominican Republic Vacations

Your Dominican Republic vacations is sure to be full of enriching as well as relaxing pursuits, with the countless sites and spots the place is known for. Being the Caribbean's largest tourism destination, the Dominican Republic hosts year-long sports as well as leisure activities giving every traveler a holiday experience worth remembering. La Romana, for one, is well-known to tourists who love to engage in horseback riding and play sports like golf and tennis. For those who love to do some sightseeing, Altos de Chavon would be the perfect place as it is considered as a model of a 16th century Spanish village. The country's capital, Santo Domingo, should not be missed, as it is the venue for some of the World Heritage sites - oldest cathedral, university, and castle. For a great share of the charming turquoise waters and white sand beaches, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are the right places to go to. These resorts provide a perfect location for horseback riding, diving and of course, relaxation. Keep this to-do list on hand and start packing your sports gear and figure-hugging beachwear for your dreamed-of Dominican Republic vacations.

Unraveling the Wonders of the Caribbean through your Dominican Republic Vacations

All over the world, the Caribbean ranks highly as one of the most frequented tourist destinations. There are a lot of tourist spots in the entire Caribbean that might leave you confused as to where you should go first. That is why it is a great way to explore the wonders of the Caribbean through your Dominican Republic vacations. Since the Caribbean is mostly popular because of its fantastic beaches, you would surely get to experience a truly breathtaking Caribbean trip when you visit the charming Dominican Republic as it is, where a number of the best beaches around the world are located. The turquoise waters and white sand beaches in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata would surely capture your attention and would make you want to stay and linger a little while longer. The Caribbean is also famous for its delicious food, and your mouth would surely water when you get to taste the delicious dishes in the Dominican Republic especially in the Santo Domingo City where many excellent restaurants thrive. Choosing your Dominican Republic vacations to explore the exciting wonders of the Caribbean will certainly be a decision you will never regre