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Syakira Nude - Since last month, Lily Allen's campaign to spread anti download songs illegally. Apparently not all agree. Shakira prefer pirated songs. According to Lily piracy is pebunuhan copyrighted works. syakira going nude?

After nine years of dating a businessman, sexy singer Shakira decided to discontinue its relationship to the level of marriage. Why? As quoted from Contact Music,, singer from Colombia does not want the media proclaim the divorce if one day he parted ways with Antonio de la Rua. That would make him depressed.

"It's funny how the newspapers want to see you get married. But they want once you divorce," says the singer of the song 'Whenever, Wherever' Even so, Shakira'd love to have mmbentuk a family with her lover. According to him, to have a baby does not need the bond of marriage. "Although not married, as my girls still get pregnant right?" he said ( naked girl ) information was taken from the girl naked.

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