Sexy Farah Quinn Yang Mengoda

Name: Farah Fauzan Quinn
Born: Bandung, 8 April 1980
Weight and Height: 50 kg/172 cm
Husband: Carson Quinn
Son: Armand Fauzan Quinn
Education: Culinary Institute Pittsburgh

Chef Ala host TransTV since November 2008
Established restaurant Camus, 2005
Chef at Lydia's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pastry expert at Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
Chef at G-8 meeting in Sea Island, Georgia, 2005

Farah Quinn, also known as Sexy Chef, culinary arts has been a fan since childhood. As a young girl she spent her days cooking or baking with her mother at their home in Sumatra. Farah began his professional career in Pittsburgh Lydia, a famous Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After graduating, Farah Quinn then moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he took a position at the Arizona Biltmore Resort cake. Meanwhile, Farah's desire to continue learning by following the class in "World Pastry Championships" and get the opportunity to study under the direction of "Mogul" cake like Ewald Notter and Colette Peters. In 2005 Farah lucky enough to be invited to the G8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia where he had the opportunity to cook for people like First Lady Laura Bush and delegations of other countries under the guidance of Celebrity chef, James Mullaney.

In 2005 Farah Quinn and her husband, Carson Quinn opened their own restaurant called Camus. Camus was awarded 4 stars for cuisine and various other awards.

Farah gained much fame thanks to his work that not only makes wonderful desserts but also able to evoke an atmosphere with a spontaneous personality and style and fun. Salutt ...