Nelson Lara Mister World São Paulo 2013 and Zaidan Ribeiro Miss World São Paulo 2013 Winners

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The city of Barretos welcomed the 40 finalists competing for the titles Miss World São Paulo 2013 and Mister São Paulo 2012. Both winners came from the city of Sumaré: Zaidan Ribeiro, 24, is the new Miss World São Paulo, and will compete in Miss World Brazil 2013, on September 22. Nelson Lara is the new Mister São Paulo, and will compete for the Mister Brazil title, also on September 22.

The 1st runner-up was Aline Giusti, Miss Limeira, who will represent the Archipelago of Alcatrazes in Miss World Brazil 2013.

The new Miss São Paulo studies Economics. She is also a model who has lived in countries such as Turkey and Korea. When asked about her perfect shape, she answered: “I guess I am lucky. I don’t have to make much of an effort to remain thin”.

She received the crown from Ana Cecília Cunha, Miss World São Paulo 2011 and Miss World Brazil’s 2nd runner-up.

Ribeiro won a new motorcycle, a $35,000-university scholarship, among many other prizes.

Zaidan will try to become the 7th woman from her state to wear the Miss World Brazil crown at the Portobello Resort & Safari, where Miss World Brazil 2013 will be crowned later this year.

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