Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta, January 4, 1989. Julie's career, so called, begins from the image model and then expanded into feature films. As a photo model, the appearance of Julie 'terheboh' is now appearing in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine. The emergence of a magazine that had the adult market, inviting controversial until now. One of them,

Julie have since become involved and participate examined the complaints of a religious social organizations.
While as a film star, MTV VJ younger brother, Cathy Sharon, had starred in Alexandria with Fachri Albar and Marcel Chandrawinata. He starred in the film's follow DEALOVA, and his latest film, a horror film directed by Rizal Matovani, Kuntilanak.

Julie is a child himself and Hilda Limbara Thierry Gasnier, couples French and Manado-blooded Chinese.
Women who had been nominated for MTV's Most Favorite Rising Star of Alexandria through the film, now the middle of a relationship with the national drivers Seoprapto Moreno, who is also the younger brother of Ananda Mikola.

Relationships were established with Moreno should be disbanded in the mid-2008. Macabre movie star was then reportedly close to a former lover Dian Sastrowardoyo, Abi Yapto. However, eventually going out with Abi Julie denied. Now this DARA HOUSE star middle establish Ello love with the singer. Always play on the big screen, started the year in 2010, Julie began to explore the world soap opera. unmitigated he immediately played in sinetron stripping, Amanah IN LOVE.