On June 23 yesterday, Shandy Aulia 23-year-old right. On that special day that he was not only feel happiness with family and friends, but also get a special gift from her boyfriend, Dave Laksono, the groom to propose to soon. Both seem so happy with a bandage dress matching color.

"My dream was to marry at age 23. It turns out that oral ruling, so do not talk nonsense. This is a gift from God," said Shandy. "It's a birthday gift Shandy," added Dave.

While low self-esteem, Shandy said that there is nothing special in the application process in which they live. Show only standard that most people do. While for the determination of the date of the wedding, they are also still in talks.

To be sure, both Shandy and Dave felt it was equally suitable and would have to navigate the ship of the household together. They are already comfortable from the start.

"The introduction of approximately eight months ago in an event. 100% no accident. I'm present, Shandy invited. We acquaintances and deeper approach. I know Shandy actually, until I felt the comfort and confidence to move on," says son The Great Welfare Laksono.

"Dave could make me feel comfortable. Utarain my hard, but I think Dave is best for me," said Shandy.