Wulan Guritno born in London, 14 April 1980, known as an artist as well as a model. Has starred in a number of soap operas, among them, DO NOT fall in love, enamored, LOVE, TWO HEARTS together, as well as starring in feature films.

Wulan himself a former wife Attila Syach celebrity stars, with blessed with one daughter from their marriage. Mixed-blood women-English Java is then a relationship with the national car racer Ananda Mikola, but in the end they both parted. GIE stars, chase JAKARTA, JONI'S PROMISE, Naga Bonar ROMANTIC SO 2 and AUTO is then a relationship with Dimitri Lim who is now a husband.

In addition to being in front of the screen, Wulan start reaching work behind the scenes, which is to become a movie director. This is the directorial debut of prime Wulan. These films include indie film titled MIDWIVES KUSLAN.

Not just a career in acting, Wulan also penetrated the political world with a forward as a candidate for the legislature of the National Mandate Party. Unfortunately, because it is blocked issue diplomas, he eventually chose not to follow the stock back and candidates.

Which were established relationship with Lim has entered a new phase. Together with Lim, Wulan steadily stepped up to the gate of marriage. Having been a failure on a previous marriage, in his second marriage, Wulan more careful, moreover, Wulan already have a daughter, Shaloom.