Beginning in 2009, namely Sandra explore other areas as a presenter of music show titled DERINGS on Trans TV with Desta Club Eighties.

In mid-2009, Sandra was elected as Ambassador Leprosy. As Ambassador Leprosy, Sandra served a visit in the sufferer.

Career success in the world, was not followed by Sandra's success in terms of romance. Proven, Sandra menjomblo still feel at home. Though not a few men who approached him handsome and well established. Call it Delon, and Donnie Sibarani, vocalist Ada Band, are some names that got close to him.

So was the star of ONE HEART PROJECT FTV is not giving up looking for companion of life. Through a kind of audition that he did to choose a man of his choice. And now there is one man from among the non-celebrity that close to him. And he hopes this relationship can last.

Its action in the world of film making Sandra became an ambassador of French cinema festival carpet digelara in 15 cities in Indonesia. Sandra is able to eloquently explain that the film can bridge between the state of multiculturalism.