Cases similar to the circulation of a video nasty celebrity - Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari, it has become the topic of conversation not only in the homeland, but also to foreign countries. Even the foreign media also announces that case. Being a big question to Indonesian citizens who live abroad.

Is Pinkan Mambo, a singer who recently performed in Hong Kong on June 12 to 13 then. Pinkan got asked by some Indonesian citizens living in Hong Kong about the case became a hot topic the past two weeks.

"Exclaimed Sempet also in Hong Kong at the ask, I just said yes it was gossip in Indonesia, sadly, because it was way out of the country. Very sad that this happened to the mindset of society. The audience asked Indonesia," the story in RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta , Monday (21 / 6).

Mother of two children so sorry and regret very much what the community when the suspicion of the actors in the video nasty to be true. Because for Pinkan a public figure should give a good example to his fans.

"Yes or no truth we do not yet know what kind, and this must be very unfortunate if it was them," he concluded